Community Photos And Video

Community Photos And Video
Answers to the most frequently asked Sopressata making questions.
Presented by and hosted by Billy King (The Sodfocker) this nearly 40 minute video covers material not posted anywhere else on the web. Subjects include: casings, pressing, drying, storage, ingredients and many other tips and tricks. This video is exclusive to and is not found anywhere else on the web.

Frank Balestri The Sodfather Returns

Updated 2011 video from Frank with slightly more detail about ingredients and the overall processes. (Thanks Frank)

Basic Sopresata Making Procedure

This video is posted by an unknown source with no description, however I think it is a good step by step video. This video does not show the pressing, hanging and drying of the meat. It looks like these folks add tomato paste to the recipe, does anyone else do this? Let us know in the Bulletin Board/Guestbook section.

Joe Delisio Sopressatta Making Party

This video features Casey Malone of the “Homeplate” show joining a group of friends who make their own sopressata, an Italian pressed meat. The group continue the tradition passed on by their good friend Joe Delisio. This group is located in Mahoning Valley near Youngstown Ohio. Although Casey mispronounces Sopressata this video is good for getting a general idea of what the process is.

Billy King Sopressata Making Party 2010

The Billy King (far northwest Chicago) sopressatta making private party is the event of the year with guests traveling as fare as 1000 miles and the making of over 1200 pounds of sausage. The sopressatta press below is one of the most impressive rigs I have ever seen and is pressing over 1200 sticks. If you would like to email Billy you may do so at [email protected]

Frank Balestri Sopressatta Making Party

This 3 part Video shows how to mix and spice the pork and the proccess of stuffing them properly and hanging them to cure, Best of all it brings the Family together!!!! Thanks Frank